Everything started with just “existence” itself. “Existence” can take shape in everything, create everything and do everything it wants. It’s a living being.

This being (Existence) started the world on its own, with nothing around him but itself. It was bored and lonely, that’s why Existence created a god called Astrea, given the power of space. Astrea created several worlds containing other living beings. However, one of those worlds Astrea watched over didn’t satisfy her.

Existence and Astrea watched over this world from inside a book, the “Unwritten Book”, to hide themselves for regular, powerless beings.

As time passed the newborn world flourished and began to grow, and with its growth so too did Astrea’s creations. From a small village to bustling towns the seeds of life Astrea had spread began to bloom and they deemed themselves humanity. Astrea looked upon her children with happiness for a time, yet with the growth of her children through the ages came sorrow, for they had been given a life with choices and with it the faults of mistakes. The poison of these choices ran amok among her children and with it came bloodshed and struggles amongst themselves, and the unseen poison only continued to spread. Astrea bore witness to the destruction caused by her own creations in sadness and lament, yet Astrea could not interfere, she could only watch. After she designed the world, it was not possible anymore to impact it because her power doesn’t go any further.

During those dark times Astrea chanced upon a young boy during her observations. She grew attached to the boy as he himself had become aware of the poison coursing through his fellow people. She watched as the boy beseeched the heavens to grant him power so as to save humanity from the poison in their veins. Astrea felt moved by the boy’s words and his determination and so she decided to aid the boy indirectly. She gave the boy a portion of her own power, she gave the boy the power over time, thus the Time Writer was born.

Her motives changed as she gave power to Montre (the Time Writer), and continued observing her world. Her ideals changed from saving humanity to destroying it and losing hope.

Astrea and Montre (the time writer) lived an immortal life. They always looked the same way also, they weren’t aging. Astrea saw Montre as her younger brother, and Montre saw Astrea as his older sister, even though they looked the exact same age and literally were the exact same age, since “time didn’t pass”. Same with Astrea’s creations, time didn’t pass for them either. They were immortal, until Astrea begged for Montre to destroy the world in some way, since she wasn’t satisfied. She wanted the planet to be gone. Montre created the curse of mortality/aging. After this, the humans began to reproduce and Astrea’s problem still wasn’t fixed. However, Montre already predicted this.

Montre didn’t want to interrupt the process at first. He wanted to give humans a chance, since the capability of being able to make choices could lead to many different ways and paths as he predicted. Montre waited, patiently, for a long long time. Because Astrea was so hesitant to destroy the planet, Montre agreed to creating this immortality disease which he knew would fail.

And yes, as he also predicted: the waiting was pointless. The humans wouldn’t change their behaviour. Why did Montre hold on for so long? His emotions drove him, because he loved humans. But after being disappointed time after time, he despised them.

Astrea wants to get rid of the world(s) with humans while Montre wants to reverse to a time without humans. Since the ideals of the gods clashed, they began war. Existence disagreed with this, so took both of their powers away.

Its plan was to create 8 newborn human beings, to make Astrea and Montre think differently about the humans. They could only receive their power back by having four of the girls’ consent. The girls weren’t planning to give their power away easily because Existence waited 18 years for the girls to develop emotions and have a past before allowing them to enter the book. The girls were not aware of any of this. Both gods had one soldier each to use to manipulate the girls, which are: the boys.

While the girls grow up, Astrea and Montre are sent to their world to observe humans. The boys lived their entire lives in the Unwritten Book, which started off quite empty. Existence gave all the girls and boys a diary for them to have a “home” inside the book. Every time the girls wrote in their diary their vision and imagination, thoughts, dreams and creations appeared inside of the book world for the boys to see. The boys started bonding with them. Existence didn’t intend for this to happen, and the gods claimed it was unfair because now the boys grew a relationship with the girls they would refuse to manipulate the girls. So, Existence removed the boys’ memories. The boys were also allowed to create things with their diary. While the boys noticed their memory fading away, they created temples with their memory fragments inside them. Boy1 created the temple of thunder, blood, fire and darkness. Boy2 created the temple of nature, poison, ice and light.

Art by: https://www.deviantart.com/sulyia
The art shown is girl1 and girl8.

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