TO4: Tactical Operations


TO4: Tactical Operations is a fast-paced, fun, competitive, arcade feeling shooter set in realistic environments. Enjoy various environments some of which are based on classic FPS maps. Choose your team, your weapons, and complete the objectives or simply eliminate the other team.
TO4: Tactical Operations has classic game modes like plant the bomb, hostage rescue, espionage, and escape. In each of the scenarios, you will have the option to play for either the protagonists or the antagonists. Additional game modes like CTF, Deathmatch are planned. We are a small but enthusiastic team which wants to bring back some old school-fps gameplay.

Short rounds will force you to move quickly, don’t linger in the creepy corner. Work together with your teammates and take down enemies. Move, move, move!
You will bunnyhop to victory with a slightly more arcade than realistic movement system. The ability for players to take multiple bullets hits before they fall.
Running around in real-world environments, from the desert, small modern cities to a moody afternoon in a tropical rainforest.
The game is freeware. You will not be charged for anything and there is no content behind a paywall.
Download the game Via Steam, start it up and play online with friends. You will be able to host community servers as we use Steam’s master server. Please support the developers with your feedback!
TO4: Clanwars is a system featuring clanwars and ladders. Tournaments will be introduced later. It’s still under development but open to the public as of today on


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