Top 100 lineage 2 servers for the season of 2019.

Hello great player and welcome to our community.As you know from many years before a lot of people around the world like to play l2,but the most important thing on this is that a lot of people like to play this game on private servers and no on officials servers.We ask them their opinion about that : why you like to play this game on private l2 servers and no on the official one?They answer to us that official have extreme low rate gameplay and they don’t have time to play this game all the day to reach the goal.before some months for that reason official made his move and open the first pvp server but the results was not so good.Anyway our site is here and we like a lot to promote new games around the world, for that reason we create one l2 server list where you can find past lineage 2 server openings and upcoming lineage 2 server openings.Enjoy your stay and take a look here  :



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