¿Why Fortnite have more views in Twitch than PUBG?

The success of Fortnite dont have answer yet. At this moment its the game #1 at the ranking in Twitch. More than 160.000 viewers are the proof. But in the next lines we will try to understand why PUBG dont have the same numbers, most exactly the 50% of Fortnite.

In the lasts fourteen days Twitch take a new record with Fortnite 4882 views, 208 days. Better than League of Legends with 4564 viewers and 190 days. The numbers are amazing in this last 3 months. Meanwhile PlayerUknown’s Battlegrounds loose some part of his popular viewers. Probably this people play Fortnite from now.

¿So whats the problem of PUBG? Maybe the succes of a pay game its short in this kind of battles. Maybe Fortnite doing better offer us a similar experience and free to play. The fact is that both games have a excellent experience, even PUBG have better graphics than Fornite, but the views are the views. Actually the numbers are so differents right now in Twitch. Fortnite is taking more people day at day, we will see in the next weeks if the results are changing. Bad luck for PUBG and his developers.




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