PlayINERA's New Bloodlust 27JUN2020.

Hi Folks,

We’re looking for specific types of testers for our new PvP server.

Our newest installment code-named ‘Bloodlust’ is going to shake up the PvP genre – these types of servers have not received a lot of attention from serious teams. Bloodlust is building off our previous work from revamped (circa 2017-2018) and shall be the highest budget PvP server to ever be released. We’ve restructured the conceptual framework from the ground up and added some pretty ground-breaking / innovative content that really separates us from the current wave of PvP servers.

For those that don’t know how INERA operates, we are pretty selective for our closed beta phase. Today (26APR2020) we are officially inviting CB testers.

Submit your application if you’re familiar with PvP worlds and want to give it a test run, otherwise see you around.

Best Regards,



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