How To Make Splash Screens For Your Lineage 2 Server [Lineage 2 Tutorial]

Hi all!
Today i will show you how to make splash screen!
Go to systextures and find this files.
Copy this file sp_32b_01.bmp
now we need to decrypt it, because we cant open the file
Take a look.
Now open the decrypted pic with Photoshop.

Now make new layer and paint it with black
Now make your own splash screen.
I will use one from the internet.
Now duplicate the layer by pressing ctrl+j
Now go to blending opthions by pressing right click on mouse
and go to Color Overlay
Choose white and press ok.
Delete the old alpha channel.

Convert to smart object and copy the img.
use Select tool to paste it (ctrl+c and ctrl+v)

now go to File > Save as
Choose .BMPand save it
Now we need to encrypt it
Rename enc-dec-sp_32b_01 to sp_32b_01
Make a copy and use this name
Now if you want to show up every time your splash screen
you need to replace the other imgaes too.
I will delete them now to show our splash.
Thanks for watching see you soon with more tutorials!


File needed:

1. Extension for photoshop >

2. File Cryptor >

3.Unreal Engine2 Editor >

4.L2Tool >


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