How to Make Loading Screen & Starting Image Logo For Your Lineage 2 Server [Lineage 2 Tutorial]

Hi all!
Today i will sho you how to make loading screen.
First to go systextures and copy this file. ( L2Font-e.utx )
Now open your l2 tool.
Now follow my steps
When you open the file click the drop button
as you can see it have a lot textures, so the easier way to find the loading screen
is to type load, when it show just click on it.
Now you can preview it and to exprot it.
Now open the file with photoshop.
Now go to file > new and make new file with 1920×1080 width and height
Now use your imagination and make new loading screen.
When you are done just save the img as .png
Now back to the loading screen ( .dds)
Just drag and rop the img that you have made and resize it.
Now go to Save / Save as / and choose .dds
before you save it make sure that the name is / ( its important)
Now to go l2tool
On image select the img that you have made and press set.
Now you are ready with your loading screen.
Now i will show you how to edit the enter logo.
type start and click on startlogo and export it.
Double click to unlock it and fill the img with black
Now use the select tool and select the text
go to channels and create new layer ( alpha 1)
When you are done go to file / save as and choose .dds
Again make sure that your file name will be
Now go to l2tool and on img choose the file and press set.
Now copy the file L2Font-e.utx and place it in your systextures.
Now lets preview our work
Here is our logo.
I have Pause the video to turn on my server.
Now let check the loading screen.
I hope you like the video!
Soon i will make more tutorials!
Have a nice day!

File needed:
1. Extension for photoshop >

2. File Cryptor >

3.Unreal Engine2 Editor >

4.L2Tool >




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    Hello can you please reupload l2tool link?

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