How To Make Custom Skill Icons & Item Icons For Your Lineage 2 Server [Lineage 2 Tutorial]

Hi again all, today i will show you how to make custom icons.
Go to internet and download any custom icons from other games.
I have already downloaded so now i will open the pic with photoshop.
Now go to file > new
On widith and hight write 32 then press ok now go back to the icons
Now choose an icon and take the select tool.
Select the image and press ctrl+j to cut it.
Now drag and drop the icon to the 32×32 img. and resize it
Now we need to save it.
Go to file > Save as and choose .dds
i will make 1 more
Now i will choose 1 skill for custom skill icon
Now open your unreal engine editor.
Go to file > import
Now import all icons that you have made.
On package write your name of the utx file
for example MyIconos
On compression choose DXT1
Also make sure that you have put mark on Generate MipMaps
because its important!
Then press ok. Now go to file > save and save it.
Now open the file cryptor
go to l2endec.bat and edit it
Write MyIcons.utx and save it.
double click and you will get file enc-MyIcons.utx
Now delete MyIcons.utx and rename enc-MyIcons.utx to MyIcons
paste the utx file in systextures.
now open file editor.
Open etcitemgrp.grp
Now we need to find where is placed the icon
its on 10th place, you can count them to dont confuse.
Now we need to write the utx package name + name of the icon
Then save and encrypt. For the skills open skillgrp.dat
Now agan we need to find the icon.
ok its placed on 11th place. Agan we will edit it with utx name + icon name
Save and encrypt now lets see what we made.
Open your l2.exe
here is our custom skill icon
I forgot to make the coins ids.
Ok guys i hope you like the tutorial, see you next time!

File needed:
1. Extension for photoshop >

2. File Cryptor >

3.Unreal Engine2 Editor >

4.L2Tool >


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