Celestial Bloodlust - 3D MMORPG

Celestial Bloodlust is an upcoming 3D MMORPG.

We’ve used Kevin’s tutorials for networking and Unity (C#, may use some other scripting languages too).



Discord Channel: https://discordapp.com/channels/402539348500807702/402541550434779136

Website: http://celestialbloodlust.eu/


Game Setting


The game will happen after a war of gods.

The planer (name) will be the main planet, where before everything was peaceful, except some underworld monsters which were being kept in the underworld, but after the end of the war the planet has gotten corrupted.

Races turned into each other, leading at a war, while they were forming three new kingdoms, but also these monsters broke free.

Some races also got disappeared (humans).


Races & Classes


Gorons – People made of Rock – Classes:

Strongarm (Tank)

Greyguard (Fighter – Strength)

Rocken (Mage – Rock & Earth Elements)

Characteristics: Lower Speed, High HP and Strength and Low Mana, High Dmg, Low Stamina, High HP regen

Shared Abilities: Strengthen (Increase armor self-buff), Stalagmites (AOE stun, around them)


Hives – People that look like bees – Classes:

Light Sentinel (Archer)

Scout (Fighter – Agility)

Beesop (Mage – Air and Bug Elements);

Characteristics: Will be able to fly, high speed and Agility, Low HP and Mana

Shared Abilities: Sting (Poising attack), Invisibility buff


Zoras – People that look like fish – Classes:

Ocean (Mage – Water Element)

Prophet (Support and Healer)

Caller (Summoner – Mostly with fish)

Characteristics: Will swim faster with no HP loss, will be invisible and with high speed underwater when not in fight, fish won’t attack them, Higher HP regen in water, Lower speed when not underwater

Shared Abilities: Tsunami (Water attack), Mana Steal (Will steal mana from a target)


Planeswalkers – Elemental Beings

Wisp (Assassin – Critical Damage)

Entity (Mage – 2 Chosen Elements)

Being (Summoner of the 4 Elements)

Characteristics: Able to gain experience 1.5x faster than all other races. However, Elements that give them disadvantage deals x4 damage towards them and they suffer stat reduction from normal classes

Shared Abilities: Able to change Elements at any given time. Have the ability to turn to dust which cannot be targeted and reform with the elements present


Dryads – People made of trees – Classes:

Nature Sentinel (Archer)

Treewalker (Summoner)

Nature Singer (Mage – Nature & Earth Element)

Characteristics: Low HP and Very High Mana, WHen they will be in a forest will have high HP and Mana regen

Shared Abilities: Mass Root (Will root everyone around), Nature Veil (Will become invisible, but won’t be able to attack or use any skill)


Aragonians – People that look like dragons – Classes:

Slayer (Fighter – Agility)

Blazer (Mage – Fire Element)

Dark Sentinel (Archer)

Characteristics: Will have burnt (not usable wings), When inside fire will have ultra HP regen

Shared Abilities: Eruption (Will deal a huge amount of damage to self and players around), Fly (Will be able to teleport to traveled locations)




Game Gods


Evil Gods:

God of Death (Legor) – Will have many hands holding weapons with each hand, 1 head, black colour, red (shinigamy) eyes, closed mouth, wings made from bones, black cape with a hood.

Goddess of Rot (Bistel) – A black mask will hide her face, grey colour, skeleton, will hold a scepter and a book.

God of Fire (Firon) – Will be like a humanoid dragon, will hold 2 axes and will have burnt wings.


Good Gods:

Goddess of Sun (Solstres) – Will shine, angel wings, golden colour, white cape, will hold 2 shining daggers, white (Kaguya’s) eyes.

God of Nature (Plantor) – Hi will look like a tree and will hold an eye.

God of Ice (Gondor) – Will look like the picture.


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