¿Are you ready for Koofs vs Noobs?



¿Who dont play Lineage 2 any time in his life? I am sure that the gamers that read our articles take several times in this MMORPG that NCsoft create twenty years ago. Differents chronicles, differents servers, different experiences of one of the best games that we play in our life.

When we speak about distinction, we remember one of the greatests servers of all time, Koofs VS Noobs from L2 Mafia. This server was faction, the players divide in 2 differents groups, you can be a Koof or you can be a Noob. Any team that you choose the experience was awesome, with many people online, at the top of Hopzone. But this was so many years ago, its a good memorie. And maybe not.

We are glad to announce the beginning of a new era at Lineage 2, KvN 2018 its arround the corner. The stuff of L2 Mafia work very hard to get back his biggest creation, but now the updates have many surprices that we will try to explain in the next lines:

  • 1 PVP = 1 Adena: Any time that you kill a opponent you will take your reward. You will need adena if you want to be pro.
  • Unique Maps: The maps are the essence of this kind of servers. Castle vs Castle, Rune Castle, The First Arena & Cemetary are the first options.
  • Support Classes: In the old KvN was so difficult play like support, but now its different. Support Classes will be playable like the others, Healers and Tanks will take his reward any time that they take assistance.
  • Respawn System: The new Random Respawn will be a great option. Something that its not usual in the history of this server.

As the old editions of this server, the new players will start his war with B Grade items. With adena we will have access to buy the Dinasty Items. The stuff of L2 Mafia expect a big number of people online, something great to remember the good memories of this Faction server. So you must to stay tunned, because at March 10 the war will start ¡Log in and join the battle!


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